100th anniversary of the Maritime University in Gdynia and Maritime Education in Poland

On June 17, 1920, General Józef Leśniewski issues an order, which creates the first Polish Maritime School in Tczew. This decision will become the cornerstone for the rich history of the Maritime University of Gdynia and a kind of “opening” for training the officers of the Polish merchant navy.

Exactly a century after these events – on June 17, 2020, the Rector and Senate of the Maritime University in Gdynia invite you to the solemn celebration of the 100-year history of the Medical University of Gdansk and Maritime Education in Poland.

Celebrations in which the President of the Management Board of Enamor Sp. z o.o. – Mr. Maciej Rek – will start by raising the flag and digging in the Time Capsule. Mass will be held for students, employees, doctoral students and graduates of the Maritime University in Gdynia. After 11:00 AM, the UMG Senate will begin the Formal Meeting combined with the speech of the Rector of the UMG, prof. dr. hab. Eng. Janusz Zarębski, awarding the Rector’s Awards and awarding the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to Capt. from. engineer Zbigniew Sulatycki.

* “After regaining independence, Poland was granted the coast without any major seaport. Before the port in Gdynia was established, the former river port in Tczew was adapted for shipping purposes. Actions were also taken to create a training staff for the needs of the merchant fleet and maritime economy. This led to the establishment of the Maritime School in Tczew. It was here nearly 100 years ago – on June 17, 1920 – Vice Admiral Kazimierz Porębski signed the act of establishing the Maritime School with two Faculties: Navigation and Mechanical. In 1921, the Department for Maritime Affairs bought the school frigate “Lviv”. The school was intended for the training of merchant navy officers. Initially, it was treated as a military establishment. Commander Antoni Garnuszewski was appointed as director.”

Source: Tcz.pl

In 1930, the Maritime School was moved to Gdynia, to new buildings at ul. Maritime, in which it is still today. She also received a new training sailing ship “Dar Pomorza”.

From 2001, the University was called the Maritime University of Gdynia. From September 1, 2018, by the ordinance of the Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, our University was given the name Maritime University. The change was associated with the acquisition of the required entitlements to confer doctoral degrees and meet the requirements determining universities.

Currently, the university consists of four dynamically developing faculties: Electrical, Mechanical, Navigational and Entrepreneurship and Commodity Science, within which UMG develops its scientific and didactic activity in 9 fields of study, in 42 specialties. All faculties have doctoral degrees.

PSM consecration ceremony in Gdynia – 8.XII.1930