We run our business within a limited liability company under the rules of Polish commercial law. The company has been established 32 years ago and is a spin-off of Gdynia Maritime University, where, until today, the warehouse and production of Enamor are. Since January 2017, the headquarter of the company is on 1 Inżynierska Street in Gdynia. Our branches are in Warsaw, Szczecin and Hamburg. Due to the development of our own production, we have also established representations in Western Europe, Asia and South America. As for today, we employ 88 employees, high-class professionals, engineers, electricians and electronics and project management professionals.

For needs of our activity, we have implemented an Integrated Quality Management System, that guarantees compliance with PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and NATO AQAP 2110: 2016 standards. For the purpose of providing special services, we have obtained a Certificate of Internal Control System (WSK) for goods, technologies and services of strategic importance trading, as well as a license to trade ammunition, products and technology for military or police purposes.

In March 2008 (renewed in 2015) we obtained an Industrial Safety Certificate of First Class stating that the company has a full ability to protect classified information, classified SECRET and NATO SECRET. In order to adequately protect classified documents, we have created a classified information office in the company, what is more the employees authorized to access classified information have obtained appropriate security credentials. In April 2004 we received the NATO code CAGE 0593H. In addition, Enamor appears as an enterprise of a special importance  for the defense of the Republic of Poland.

Our activity includes:

  • production of maritime electronics devices and systems,
  • R&D works in maritime,
  • delivery of electronics, navigation and automation devices and systems for maritime and aviation,
  • delivery of special systems and devices for Navy, Land Forces and Border Guard,
  • technical expertise,
  • service, warranty and post warranty repairs.