BALTEXPO: A+ for Enamor

Without a doubt, BALTEXPO 2017 was a great success for companies who’ve taken part in the event. This year’s fair was a chance not only to meet current and potential customers, but also brought many other possibilities. Companies who benefited the most, were the ones that effectively used their presence at the AmberEXPO’s hall. Enamor was among them.

As after every event such as BALTEXPO, the time for summaries and evaluations has come. Enamor can add also this year’s fair to the list of successful ventures. Both, the stand of the company as well as displayed products raised an interest of visitors. Among the presented products the visitors could find not only products of Enamor, but also those of the company’s partners. They could take a close look at for example: the underwater robot Lyra – Lighthouse branded, Polaris Electronics- communication equipment and Transas- educational simulator.

During the event you could meet the Enamor’s experts in the booth #1.03, but also have a face to face meetings with representatives of the companies with whom Enamor is cooperating. Among them you could meet Elżbiteta Jacaszek from Heinrich Döpke GmbH, Ivan Baschieri from Lighthouse, Roy Solgard from Jotron, Keld M. Pedersen from Polaris Electronics A/S, as well as R2Sonic’s Cris Sabo.

During this year’s BALTEXPO fair, the intention letter that established a consortium to create a fully-equipped transformer substation that is going to be located on the offshore wind farm, has been signed. Enamor, represented by Technical Director and Member of the Board, Radoslaw Gawlik, during the signatory process, is among 8 companies that will take part in the project.

BALTEXPO is a great occasion to meet your customers, but not only. During the event we chad a chance to run a meeting with representative of ISES (International Ship Engineering Service Association), a member of which Enamor is since 2015. The objective of ISES it to form an independent, high quality, worldwide network of members to provide electrical, mechanical, electronic and specialized services to the marine industry.

Enamor also presented itself at the Education and Labor Zone, which allowed maritime employers to promote themselves. During the presentation, Enamor discussed basic information about the company, the benefits offered and the profile of the employees they are looking for.