Data encryption as RODO “vaccine”

The first meeting connected to data encryption and fulfilling the requirements of RODO took place on 18th of September 2017, at Gdynia Maritime University and it has been opened by D.Sc Ireneusz Czarnowski, Vice-Rector of Science and Associate Professor at Gdynia Maritime University. The meeting was organized by Enamor, who is Northern Poland’s strategic partner of Cryptomind, company that specializes in effective and professional data security.

The General Data Protection Regulation (RODO) comes into life in May of 2018. It obliges the businesses, as well as government agencies, to use technical measures that are adequate to the risks and the type of information collected. The regulation points out that the data encryption is the most effective measure of protection.

Cryptomind’s application ” UseCrypt “ fulfills all of the cyberattack prevention requirements of RODO regulation. The tool guarantees confidentiality, integrity and availability of data while using the latest encryption technologies.

Enamor, as strategic partner of Cryptomind, is able to present the solution, perform hardware diagnostics and implement the service to private and institutional client.