Enamor and Polish Register of Shipping’s cooperation in the field of monitoring and analysis of the merchant ships’ performance

Enamor Ltd. and Polish Register of Shipping have signed the letter of intent on 11th of January 2018, through which both sides expressed common will to start the cooperation in the field of monitoring and analysis of the ships’ performance.

The cooperation is mostly based on transfer of knowledge into economy and business during ­­jointly organized seminars, conferences and trainings.

-Shipowners, who own merchant ships in their fleet, must adapt their operation to the requirements imposed by the IMO and the European Union. We could not find better partner than PRS in subject of policies and maritime regulations. On the other hand, we are going to be responsible for presenting to the industry our ship performance monitoring systems, which will enable the shipowners to meet the requirements imposed to them. – says Wojciech Górski, Enamor’s R&D Director.

The first joint project of Enamor and PRS were the series of meetings for Greek shipowners, which took place in mid-January in Pireus and Athens. Next activities are planned for the second quarter of 2018.