ENAMOR as a technical partner of the Independence Sail 2018

On May 20th, 2018, punctually at noon, “Dar Młodzieży” will once again take a sail around the world. The occasion is unique – the voyage will take place on the hundredth anniversary of Poland’s regaining independence and on the thirty fourth World Youth Day in Panama, which will take place on January 22nd-27th, 2019. The expedition will be attended by nearly 1,000 people from all over Poland who will visit eighteen countries in 22 ports.

ENAMOR, as the official Partner of the Maritime University, provides technical care during the Sail and equipment as well. Additionally, ENAMOR has created a special VOYAGETRACKER application, thanks to which “Dar Młodzieży” Independence Sail can be followed online: http://voyagetracker.enamor.pl/en/ 

fot. Krzysztof Romański