In less than two weeks – October 22-24, 2019, the 6th KORMARINE Conference will be held. It will be dedicated to the marine and offshore shipbuilding industry . The motto of the event “Digital and Green Ocean”, emphasizes the use of renewable energy and prevention of adverse effects on the climate with parallel technological progress.

Kormarine as a platform, aims to support discussions on problem solving, sharing insights and trends in the industry and promoting the idea of ​​so-called “green technology”.

As the maritime industry recognizes the importance of sustainable development, the conference aims to gain insight into the integration of automation and environmentally friendly energy in shipping. Thus, the assumption of the Conference is to meet all potential challenges in the shipbuilding and maritne industry in the long term.

During this event, ENAMOR, as an active participant in the marine industry, will present solutions such as: SEAPERFORMER, ETM and EMIS, which undoubtedly fit into the idea of ​​ environment friendly, green technology.

During the event, an in-depth discussion is also planned on the close relationship between shipbuilding and marine engineering and the global economy. Cooperation with experts from various fields, such as energy, finance, freight forwarding and shipbuilding on a global scale, will play an important role in revitalizing the global economy.