EVT Version 2.75 available

E-Vessel Tracker (EVT) application, allowing for monitoring, visualization, analysis and presentation of the selected voyage period in accordance with the data received from the ESOS 2.0 system and other systems of the SEEMP-SET family – updated to version 2.75.

In version 2.75 of the application, there are some new functionalities which significantly improve operating onboard. Main changes are:

  • Email notifications of ESOS alarm
  • Implementation of Taiwan Emission Control Area on map view
  • Implementation of MRV yearly report converter to XML format accepted by EU Thetis system
  • Automatic measurement table view scroll to show first record of draft error
  • Implementation of dictionaries for binary or integer data
  • Implementation of user interface allowing EVT user to define Engine Layout graph parameters


More information here EVT_Release_Note_2.75