EWAS 3.1 (BNWAS) with the Type Approval Certificate issued by PRS

We are proud to announce that on 2nd February 2017 our flagship product EWAS 3.1 ? Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) received Type Approval Certificate issued by The Polish Register of Shipping,  as complying with the requirements of:

  • The PRS Rules for Classification and Construction of Sea-going Ships;
  • The PRS Publication 35/P [Resolution MSC. 128(75)]
  • IEC Standard 62616 Edition 2010.

EWAS 3.1 (BNWAS) is an innovative solution used to monitor the activity of the officer on watch on the bridge, whose presence is necessary to ensure the safety of the vessel, especially when maneuvering, but also during regular travel in the open sea. If the officer ceases to confirm his presence using BNWAS , it will automatically activate the alarm routine.

System components:

  • Main unit;
  • Bridge Watch EWAS 3.1 control panel;
  • Bridge watch reset button
  • Bridge watch back-up panel with buzzer;
  • Buzzer type PSS-0089