First of all: effective networking

Trade fairs are not only great occasion to get familiar with offers and products of companies present at them. Even though the original idea of it, is initiating the transaction of buying/selling, it’s important to use it’s all potential entirely. So what should be on your mind before going and while being on BALTEXPO on 11th of September?

Getting familiar with offers and products, as well as market’s trends are first thoughts that comes to mind while creating pros list of going to the trade fairs. It’s important to remember that fair trades are also a great chance to meet face-to-face with potential contractors, main players of the industry, as well as networking.

As in any other case of trade fairs, as in case of BALTEXPO, nothing should be random – starting from subject of the event, going through present companies, and ending on the plan of action. If you want to make the most of your time during the fair, you should be equipped with a solid strategy that will not only let you know the products that are presented, but also to meet the representatives of exhibiting companies.

Before going to the event, you should go through the list of companies participating and mark those that are interesting to you, so while the duration of trade fair sit would be easier to find those on the map.

While it’s worth to visit the stands of Polish companies, that are on the market for ages, and are still introducing the innovations to it, such as Enamor (stand #1.03), you should also become acquainted with activities of foreign players.

While visiting Enamor’s stand, you will be able to get to know more about the companies we are cooperating with, but also talk to their representatives. Among them you will be able to meet with : Elżbiteta Jacaszek from Heinrich Döpke GmbH, Ivan Baschieri from Lighthouse, Roy Solgard from Jotron, Keld M. Pedersen from Polaris Electronics A/S, as well as R2Sonic’s – Cris Sabo

Networking is a key element of each trade fairs, as it’s great occasion to get new business contacts, have a talk and exchange the opinion of what is happening on the market, developing  product awareness. In order to maximize the benefits of trade fairs you cannot forget about it.