How to avoid negative impact of Carbon Intensity Indicator on your shipping business?

International Maritime Organisation (IMO) implemented recently a new mechanism in the global pursuit in reduction of greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions from shipping. Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) introduced within MARPOL regulation is a KPI which describes amount of CO2 emissions per unit of transport work. CII shall be computed for majority of ships employed in international service and reported annually.

Indicator will be used to rank vessels according to their environmental efficiency similar to the method established for household appliances. There will be five efficiency groups (A to E). Group A indicates best performance and D and E urges for improvement. Groups ranges will be gradually narrowed down to force efficiency improvement throughout the worldwide fleet. Owners of continuously underperforming vessels would have some time to implement remedies or will be forced to leave the market. It is a novel and very powerful mechanism which will impact shipping industry by direct influence on charter rates and vessel market value. Therefore, continuous monitoring and the ability to predict how changes in vessel operation impact CII will become a must-have tool for the shipping market.

Enamor R&D team examined operational data collected by the SeaPerformer system in 2020 and 2021 for vessels of various types in order to develop a convenient method for continuous monitoring of CII. A practical method for daily CII monitoring was developed. The initial study revealed high dependency of CII on vessel operational pattern as illustrated on above figure.

Therefore, a further study focused on elaborating an algorithm that combines past data and mathematical modeling for short- and mid-term prediction of CII value. As a result, practical tool for a voyage and operational planning was elaborated and is currently under validation tests. The tool allows for daily control of vessel operation in terms of CII. It also enables development of best operational scenario in order to meet demanding terms of novel IMO requirements.

Ship owners and operators interested in CII impact on their business are welcomed to contact Enamor and enrich their performance monitoring toolbox with SeaPerformer solution.

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