Naval Capabilities – workshops

Within the Programme for Development of Polish Defence Capabilities, Warsaw Institute of Strategic Initiatives has organized workshops concerning the Naval Capabilities. Enamor, who is partner of this programme, took part in the first, inaugural meeting in Warsaw on 10th of October, as well as in second one, in Gdynia, on 17th of October.warsztatyThe Naval Capabilities workshops were divided into two parts ? coastal defence and multinational naval cooperation. Among the participants were representatives of the Polish Navy, state administration, media and arms industry. They were supported by the independent experts and military employees of universities.

During the first part of workshops, that took place in Warsaw, participants discussed the ability to secure the polish coast and marine areas in various states of defence readiness. The debate concerned combat and logistical support of naval forces and navy vessels.

The role of second workshop was to examine polish maritime ability to participate in maritime international activities. The topics discussed during this part of workshops, that took place one week later (17th of October) at Polish naval Academy in Gdynia, were to determine the conception of cooperation and to evaluate aspirations level of polish international contribution.


The objective of Programme of Warsaw Institute of Strategic Initiatives is to create a list of priorities and recommendations essential to the development of the Polish Armed Forces. Detailed conclusions of those workshops will be presented in a summative report.