e-Vessel Tracker (EVT) ver. 2.74 out now with new functionalities

E-Vessel Tracker (EVT) application, allowing for monitoring, visualization, analysis and presentation of the selected voyage period in accordance with the data received from the ESOS 2.0 system and other systems of the SEEMP-SET family, has new functionalities.

In version 2.74 of the application, there is now LOG Graph in graphs tab. This tool allows for long term (minimum 8 weeks) analyses of ship log readings in order to detect its malfunctions or calibration problems. It draws ship’s speed through water (STW measured by log) against speed over ground (SOG measured by GPS) and interpolate these data by linear trend.

There is also a change in engine layout graph in graphs tab. This tool allows user to analyze the engine usage of the ship. The graph consists of the green, yellow and red zones (respectively standard load, overspeed and overload) and blue dots. The dots are measurements of the engine RPM’s related to Break power.

Another improvement is data completeness for each signal in measurement tab – allowing user to see how much data is missing for selected period, each signal separately. Each subtab in Measurements tab consists of multiple signals, sometimes even from multiple devices.

Fourth improvement is the separation of multiple alarms in map. This interface improvement helps user to see how many alarms were on in selected point. Every alarm is now separated from each other. This prevents mixing the descriptions of alarms and improves the aesthetic value of the Overview tab. It is possible to click on the name of the alarm. This action will take user to another tab. The most recent version of EVT includes minor bug fixes as well.

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