New functionalities of e-Vessel Tracker (EVT) application

E-Vessel Tracker (EVT) application, allowing for monitoring, visualization, analysis and presentation of the selected voyage period in accordance with the data received from the ESOS 2.0 system and other systems of the SEEMP-SET family, has new functionalities.

In version 2.70 of the application, the map view has been significantly modified. As part of the changes, among others, a nautical layer was introduced.

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Among the changes users can find an extensive printing function that allows printing of contents of the current view from any part of the application. The functionality has been verified on Chrome (default) and Opera browsers, however, it may differ on other browsers.

The latest modification of EVT introduces draft alarm linked to measurements table, instead of time graph.

The most recent version of EVT includes minor bug fixes as well.


It is worth mentioning that “Dar Młodzieży” which set off to the Independence Sail on May 20th, is also equipped with Enamor’s ship monitoring systems. Her voyage can be tracked in simplified, open EVT application. On the website, all interested can follow the “Dar Młodzieży”’s sail as well as read the reports of the participants of the cruise on the mini blog located under the map.