Optimalizationof the ship`s route using automatically collected data – results of our work with the danish company OPTIMUM VOYAGE presented at HULLPIC 2023

The eighth edition of the Hull Performance & Insight conference is underway. On August 28-30 in Pontignano, Italy, a group of experts will present lectures on various aspects of efficient vessel performance.

Once again, Enamor is participating not only as a sponsor – Krzysztof Licznerski and Dominik Lesniak, as well as Martin Hjorth Simonsen from Optimum Voyage will present the results of a joint research project. The result of the cooperation is an integrated IVO voyage route optimization system, based on innovative algorithms and automatically collected data.

Ship owners and operators use a number of services based on data collected on ships. These services are often not compatible with each other and require significant effort each time to prepare the data. Optimum Voyage and Enamor’s work together aims to reduce this effort through seamless, automated data exchange. As a result, the voyage route optimization service offered by OV has been combined with Enamor’s SeaPerformer data acquisition and processing platform.

The presentation will discuss the elements of the newly developed voyage route optimization system: ship-specific vessel performance model for fuel consumption both in design and actual condition, based on data collected during vessel operation; novel routing algorithm allowing variations in physical route and engine power variations; and a highly automated user interface. The presentations are supplemented with application examples to assess the solution’s potential to minimize costs and negative environmental impact in the context of new IMO requirements.