ORP Heweliusz with new echo sounder

Enamor has been commissioned by Naval Port of Gdynia Command to deliver a new multibeam echo sounder to ORP Heweliusz. The handover protocol, connected to the device installed on the modernized ship, was signed on 13th of November 2017, before the deadline specified in the contract.

The delivery of multibeam echo sounder, conducted by Enamor, has been finished with success within deadline. Sonic2022, the new device installed on Navy’s ship, has been produced by R2Sonic, whose Enamor is partner in Poland. It was possible to get more familiar with R2Sonic’s offer during this year’s BALTEXPO, where, on Enamor’s stand, the company was represented by Chris Sabo

The replacement of echo sounder had place in Naval Shipyard in Gdynia, where the ship had been docked using synchro lift for the purpose of repair works.

ORP Heweliusz returned to the service in November 2017.