PRS certificate for ESOS’ module – MRV

On 23rd of October 2017, Enamor has received Type Approval Certificate for MRV module for monitoring and reporting of carbon dioxide emission generated by ships. MRV computer programme has been created as additional module to company’s flagship product – ESOS 2.0 system (Ship Efficiency Optimisation System).

The solution has been prepared for ship-owners and fleet managers, that, from 1st of January 2018, are obligated to present detailed information regarding carbon dioxide emission generated while ship’s operation (Regulation of the European Parliament and EU Council 2015/757). Installation of MRV software in ESOS 2.0 system allows for active monitoring of carbon dioxide emission generated by ships and automatically prepare reports for the fleet managers and superintendents in format that is required by the Regulation.

MRV – Module for ESOS 2.0 System

Type Approval Certificate

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