XXI International Scientific and Technical Conference NAVSUP

On November 15-16, 2018, Gdynia will host the 21st International Scientific and Technical Conference“The Role of Navigation in Support of Human Activity at Sea”. One of the sponsors and speakers of the event is Enamor.

The company has been successfully providing technologically advanced navigational bridges and educational simulators for many years. The company’s experience in this area resulted, among others, in deliveries to ORP Ślązak and ORP Kormoran II.

During this year’s conference, listeners will take part in a number of plenary sessions in the fields of navigation, hydrography, geoinformatics, satellite geodesy, new technologies and share their experiences and knowledge in the areas of navigation, transport and security.

The hosting of the Conference, which takes place regularly every two years, is The Institute of Navigation and Maritime Hydrography of the Polish Naval Academy, Polish Navigation Forum and Section of Space Geodesy and Navigation of the Committee of Space Research of the Polish Academy of Science.