Enamor at the conference "Polish Shipbuilding Industry: between security and economic development"

Michal Holubowski

Enamor took part in a conference organized by the Warsaw Institute for Strategic Initiatives (WIIS). The event, whose topics focused on the security and economic development of the Polish shipbuilding industry, was held on June 19, 2018.

The conference was divided into two panel discussions. The first panel discussed the importance of stable financing in the shipbuilding industry. The discussion dealt with the problems faced by this industry, in economic and geopolitical terms. The debate emphasized the importance of effective management and market analysis in the shipbuilding industry.

One of the participants who took part in the second panel on technological innovations in shipbuilding was the CEO of Enamor, Maciej Rek.
The discussions emphasized the importance of innovation for the shipbuilding industry. They also discussed European military cooperation programs and changes in the realities of warfare at sea.