Using years of experience backed by numerous certificates of recognition, our service department offers comprehensive services in installation, commissioning, inspection and repair of various equipment. In addition, we offer technical consulting and design work.


Calibration and attestation

We offer calibration and attestation of automation components, as well as calibration and attestation of generator protection and short circuit breakers, in addition, we provide log calibration.

Fire Prevention Systems

We provide support for fire protection systems. Our knowledge of the Kentec and Microdata brands allows us to intervene effectively and quickly. Your safety is our priority.


We specialize in ship electroautomatics in the broadest sense. From power plant monitoring to ship crane control, we are at your service. We take care of every detail.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering experts guarantee comprehensive service. We are constantly following the latest technological trends to provide you with the best service on the market.


Annual inspections

We offer service and annual inspections of systems such as GMDSS, VDR, Gyrocompass. We also provide attestation, deviation determination and perform compensation of magnetic compasses.


We have expertise in navigation simulators, GMDSS, ship's engine room and LCHS. Our team provides full support and service for these devices.


In the field of hydrography, we specialize in servicing multibeam echosounders, sonars, inertial systems, motion sensors and hydrographic software.


We provide comprehensive services for radio stations, satellite systems, and GMDSS equipment - such as MF/HF Radio, VHF Radio, and INMC.

Security systems

We offer professional service for alarm systems, BNWAS, SSAS and LRIT, guaranteeing their reliability and effectiveness.


Our team of specialists provides support for navigational radars, ECDIS and WECDIS electronic charts, DGPS systems, Navtex systems, electronic chart cells, weather stations, positioning receivers, navigational echosounders, magnetic compasses, speed logs, gyro compasses, AIS equipment, ship control systems and dynamic positioning.

Satellite Systems

We offer installation and configuration of systems such as Inmsrsat C, Satellite TV and VSAT. In addition, our service team performs inspection and repair of satellite systems.

Internal Communications

We carry out the installation and configuration of telephone exchange systems, PA/GA broadcasting, two-way broadcasting, battery-free telephones. In addition, our service team performs inspection and repair of systems included in the scope of internal communications.