And devices for optimizing ship operations.

d Who we are

We are a Polish company specializing in the integration of cutting-edge technologies from the maritime and defense industries, as well as maintenance, research and design services. We are also an authorized representative of global manufacturers of equipment for civilian and military use. Our portfolio includes products in the fields of marine electronics, ship automation, data communication networks and communication systems.

We conduct our business as a limited liability company under the principles of Polish commercial law. The company was founded 35 years ago as a spin-off of the Maritime University in Gdynia, on the premises of which Enamor's warehouse is still located today. Since January 2017, the company's headquarters are located at 1 Inżynierska Street in Gdynia. We have our branches in Warsaw, Szczecin and Hamburg. In connection with the development of our own production, we have also established representative offices in Western European countries, Asia and South America. At present, we employ 98 employees, high-class specialists, engineers, electricians and electronics engineers, as well as project management specialists.

Our activities include:

Equipping training centers with simulators and trainers of modern navigation, communication, LCHS-type liquid fuel handling and ship's engine room systems

VTS/VTMS-type maritime traffic surveillance and control systems in maritime administrative subordinate areas

Critical infrastructure monitoring and protection systems including protection against threats from land, air and from beneath the water surface

Portable and fixed hydrographic systems, including ASV surface and AUV underwater autonomous platforms

Portable and fixed hydrographic systems, including ASV surface and AUV underwater autonomous platforms

Production of marine electronics and automation equipment specializing in operational optimization of ships and entire fleets, secure data communication networks with cryptography elements and comprehensive technical monitoring.

Comprehensive supply of navigation, communications and marine electronics systems for ships and vessels under construction and overhaul, including supply of equipment and systems for the Ministry of Defense.

Integration work, installation and commissioning, and service, as well as technical expertise and research and development work

Standards and certifications

gSpecial services

In connection with ongoing contracts, we have a license to conduct business in the field of trading ammunition and products and technology for military or police use.


For service activities, the company has certificates from the following classification societies: ISES, DNV, Lloyd BV, ABS, NK, RINA, PRS.

gOservation ofInformation

We have an Industrial Security Certificate of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree up to the level of SECRET /NATO Secret / EU Secret and have a Secret Office. All employees have personal Security Clearance, 40% of which are up to the level of SECRET.

gCertificates ofquality

We are ISO 9001:2015, AQAP 2110:2016 certified for research and development, design, production, supply, installation and service of electronics and automation systems and equipment. The company also has a WSK system in place for the control of strategic technologies, goods and services, certified by CCJ.

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