Enamor's 30th anniversary

Michal Holubowski

Enamor has been part of the Polish maritime and defense industry for thirty years. The round anniversary is an opportunity for the company to take stock of its achievements to date and plan its development for the coming years.

The origins of Enamor date back to 1989, when Janusz Matysik, together with colleagues from the academic community, founded the company to conduct service activities and provide full maintenance and repair services, including the installation of electrical and electronic equipment on ships. In the 1990s, adapting to rapid changes in the market, the company expanded its commercial activities, developed its offerings to include its own ship energy efficiency monitoring products and services for the military market. Today, Enamor has more than a hundred employees who specialize in developing and implementing cutting-edge technical solutions for customers in the maritime and defense industries. While expanding its commercial and manufacturing activities, however, the company does not forget its origins and continues its service and installation work. Enamor specialists perform service work in ports and shipyards around the world.

The 30th anniversary of Enamor's founding is a special celebration for us. The pearl anniversary is an opportunity to verify the achievements to date, but it also provides the impetus for making bold new decisions and implementing far-reaching plans. We are extremely proud of the stable growth of brand value. At this point we would like to thank our Partners and Friends, among them the Maritime University of Gdynia, hoping for further constructive cooperation," says Maciej Rek, CEO of Enamor.

Enamor has more than a dozen proprietary products that successfully support shipowners and crew in implementing the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) as required by the International Maritime Organization. By the end of 2019, the systems manufactured in Gdynia, will be in operation on more than 300 vessels belonging to more than a dozen shipowners from around the world. The company's proprietary systems include:

Fleet Management and Ship Operational Performance System - SEAPERFORMER

System for measuring the ship's roll and motion - EMIS
Propulsion Control Support System -ETNP 10;
Fuel Consumption Control System - EFCM;
Vessel Energy Efficiency Optimization System - ESOS 2.0;
Automatic Data Flow System - EVT;
System for monitoring electrical parameters of ship's generators - EPM;

Torque meter - E-TORQUE METER
Integrated Monitoring and Control System for Ship's Power Plant - EMOS;

The company also offers: BNWAS, tilt meter, thermocalibrator and various types of interface and repeaters.

Manufactured ship automation systems are created in accordance with IMO conventions and based on the highest quality standards. The company has certificates confirming compliance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2009, PN-N-19001:2006 and the NATO AQAP 2110:2009 certificate. In addition, ENAMOR has a concession to trade in ammunition and products and technology for military or police use, and holds a First Degree Industrial Safety Certificate.