KORMARINE conference with the participation of ENAMOR. Busan /19-22 October 2021

Michal Holubowski

KORMARINE, one of the world's largest conferences dedicated to trends and developments in maritime and shipbuilding technology, is coming to an end. For 40 years, Busan, Korea, has hosted exhibitors and visitors from around the world. As befits the shipbuilding capital of the world, the KORMARINE from October 19-22, 2021, showcased an unusually wide range of shipbuilding and marine equipment.

The conference was attended by 835 exhibitors from 45 countries, with 38,000 visitors from 91 countries who had the opportunity to follow technological innovations and exchange experiences with industry professionals.

KORMARINE, on a 35,000-square-meter exhibition area covering twelve national pavilions, provides a promotional platform for the maritime industry and also aims to foster discussions on problem-solving, share industry insights and trends, and promote the idea of so-called "green technology." This year, the conference is being held in a hybrid format.

Because the maritime industry recognizes the importance of sustainability, KORMARINE aims to provide insight into the integration of automation and environmentally friendly energy in shipping. Thus, the premise of the conference is to seek solutions to any potential challenges in the shipbuilding and maritime industries in the long term.

ENAMOR, as an innovation leader in the maritime industry, together with its Korean partner Iljin and Co Ltd. presented flagship products in the field of ship energy monitoring and optimization at the fair. SEAPERFORMER - Computerized Fleet Management and Ship Operational Performance System, EMIS - Electronic Measurement System for Vessel Tilt and Movement, and ETM - Torque Meter - a device for measuring propulsion torque and main engine speed.

The theme of the event was a discussion of decarbonization and digitization in the maritime industry and the close relationship between shipbuilding, marine engineering, and the global economy.

*The Republic of Korea is among the world's leading shipyards in terms of annual orders and construction volume. Despite the recent long-term economic recession and COVID-19 affecting the global industry, the Republic of Korea has regained its leadership status, capturing 42% of global orders ($18.3 billion). Especially in the first quarter of 2021, 52% of global orders were captured by Korean shipyards.

Busan is Korea's largest port city and maritime capital, home to government and non-government organizations and leading maritime companies.