Optimization in data display and even better working range - ENAMOR introduces new features to one of its flagship products - EVT v.2.64

Michal Holubowski

In response to customer needs and signals from the market in terms of increasing demand for equipment necessary for offshore operations, we have set ourselves the goal of developing a product offering that not only meets the current expectations of Recipients but also goes beyond them.

ENAMOR is pleased to present to you a number of new features of EVT v.2.64 that will allow you to improve your work.

Major changes:

1.A new "Performance" section allowing the evaluation of current ship performance based on selected KPIs (Key Perfromance Indicators) as a function of operating time, a Speed-Power diagram and a breakdown of propulsion power into components related to environmental conditions. The efficiency parameters are compared with a reference model. Reference models have replaced Ballast, Design and Scantling curves in polynomial form. The "Performance" section is available for ships for which the necessary data has been defined ? their absence is signaled by an appropriate message.































2 "On Demand Reports" activities have been accelerated.













3 Added a list to quickly change the analyzed vessel from the current EVT sub-page without having to go back to the main list of vessels. Functionality makes it easier to compare vessels.









4. added favicon for EVT ? easier to locate the shortcut in favorites and open browser windows.





5 Added automatic user logout after 20 min of inactivity to improve security. Added pop-up window after 15 min of inactivity to be able to extend the session.