Renovation of infrastructure, power and transmission systems of DGPS Rozewie station successfully completed!

Michal Holubowski

Enamor has successfully finalized another project to overhaul the infrastructure, power and transmission systems of the DGPS station in Rozewie.

The contract was signed on 30.07.2019 with a 3-month lead time.

Enamor's scope included, among other things:

- electrical and electronic work on the transmitter system, including replacement of the control panel board of the transmitter type VECTOR 200D made by NAUTEL

- electrical inspection of the transmission path separator

- replacement of the control board of the ATU-LP system

- Electrical inspection of the blocks of the DGPS system reference station in Rozewie

- Electrical work in the electrical power path of the transmitter including installation of a new telecommunications powerhouse, connection of the powerhouse via diode crossover to the existing power supply, tests of the UPS power supply in the absence of voltage from the mains and the genset

- Electrical work in the track of GPS reference antennas

- GPS choke ring antenna replacement

- laying the cabling on the tower and connecting the equipment

- grounding measurements of installations on the site

- Associated general construction work (maintenance of concrete foundations, painting, cleaning and maintenance of wooden fences)

The project was received on time, with no comments from the Employer.