Ceremonial handover of ORP Ślązak to the Polish Navy - November 8, 2019.

Michal Holubowski
ORP Ślązak in the background of the Gift of Youth photo: TOSEM

On November 8, 2019, at 11:00 am, there will be a ceremonial handover of the patrol ship Ślązak to the Polish Navy. The flag raising on the ship will take place on November 28, the 101st anniversary of the establishment of the Navy.

ORP Sluzak is 95 m long, 13 m wide and has a displacement of 1,800 t, and its top speed is expected to be about 30 knots. The vessel's armament consists of a 76-millimeter OTO Melara cannon, two 30-millimeter Marlin-WS cannons, four Grom short-range anti-aircraft missile launchers and four 12.7-mm large-caliber machine guns. THALES was responsible for supplying the Command System with consoles, while Enamor supplied the Integrated Navigation System with Vanguard sonar and the Integrated Communications System.

The specification presented by Gestor, obliged Enamor to deliver a system characterized by the ability to transfer a large amount of navigation data in a relatively short period of time, which is expected to allow the determination of the vessel's position with an accuracy of a few centimeters, as well as the archiving of data related to the conducted maneuvers. Most importantly, the Integrated Navigation System allows the acquisition and distribution of processed data to various ship systems, so that the vessel can efficiently and effectively carry out the tasks assigned to it.

Another strong point of the system chosen by MON is the ability to intelligently manage alarms to reduce the number of alerts that appear, and to install computers that can take over the function of the others at any time.

The main elements that went into the Integrated Navigation System, supplied by Enamor for the ORP "Slazak" vessel, are:

- navigation radars,


- magnetic compass,

- gyrocompass,

- Complex Tactical System

- road planning station,

- Electronic Map System,

- weather station,

- receiver of electronic weather maps

- autopilot

- dual-frequency echosounder,

- electromagnetic log,

- Data Distribution Unit (DDU) System,

- Navigation Data Recorder,

- Bridge Watch Alert,

- Integrated Time System.

The selection of equipment and its unification is aimed at extending the service life of individual components, guaranteeing high system reliability, and facilitating scheduled maintenance.

The ship's main tasks will be to combat surface and air targets, patrol and protect approach tracks and maritime lines of communication, escort and protect commercial vessels, and control maritime shipping lanes as part of a multinational force. The unit is also to be used for operations related to combating piracy and maritime terrorism, securing the activities of special forces and participating in humanitarian and environmental actions. The ship is designed to accommodate a helicopter.

ORP Sluzak in numbers

Overall length - 95.2 m;
Width - 13.5 m;
Height to open deck - 9.35 m;
Draught - 3.6 m;
Standard displacement - about 1,800 tons;
Autonomy - 30 days;
2 main engines of 2 x 3,240 kW;
25,000 kW peak power turbine;
Ship's power plant - 4 generator sets of 4 x 600 kW;
Max speed. 30 knots +;
March speed 18 knots - range 2,000 Mm;
Economy speed 14 knots - range 4,500 Mm;
Accessories: bow azimuth thruster and active sway stabilizers.