Workshop in the area of maritime capabilities

Michal Holubowski

Within the framework of the Polish Defense Capabilities Development Program, the Warsaw Institute for Strategic Initiatives organized a workshop in the area of naval capabilities. The inaugural meeting, held on October 10 in Warsaw and continued on October 17 in Gdynia, was also attended by Enamor, a partner in the program.

The workshop on maritime capabilities was divided into two parts - coastal defense and international interaction at sea. Among the participants were representatives of the Navy, state administration, trade media and the defense industry. They were supported in the discussion by independent experts and military personnel from universities.

During the first part of the workshop, held in Warsaw, participants discussed the ability to secure the Polish coast and maritime areas in various states of national defense readiness. Among the topics debated were combat support and logistical security of naval forces and naval forces.

The second workshop, meanwhile, was related to the ability of Polish ships to participate in international combined operations at sea. The topics discussed during this part of the workshop, held a week later (October 17), at the Naval Academy in Gdynia, were related to the concept of cooperation and the level of ambition and technical capabilities of the Polish Navy.


The premise of the Warsaw Institute for Strategic Initiatives program is to create a list of priorities and recommendations that address the development of key operational capabilities of the Polish Armed Forces. Detailed conclusions of both meetings will be presented in a preliminary area report.